Baby getting hair washed
Baby getting hair washed



Baby getting hair washed

For the first week or so it’s best to give your newborn a sponge bath with a warm wet washcloth.  Wash his face and hands every now and again, and clean his genital area during every diaper change.

After his umbilical stump falls off and heals, you can start giving your baby a full-on bath every couple of days.  At first, the safest and easiest approach is to turn your kitchen sink into a baby bath, or simply use a small plastic baby tub filled with warm water.  Bath time can be a joyful experience for both baby and parents alike, but remember that too many baths can dry out your baby’s skin.  Until your baby is crawling around and getting into messy situations, it’s best to limit bath time to three times a week.

That said, not all babies find bath time a soothing or invigorating experience.  If your baby cries through the entire bath process, it’s best to work fast and get her in and out before she become inconsolable.


  • Never leave your baby unsupervised–not for a second.
  • Don’t put your baby into a tub when the water is still running.  It’s important that you control the depth and temperature of the water.  Babies are defenseless, which means only you can control their environment.
  • Set your water heater to no greater than 120 F.  Anything higher can give your baby a third-degree burn.

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